If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place.

“How to protect my data or information?”

“How to protect my privacy online?”

“How to solve system issues?”

“How to send message safely to someone?”

“How cyberattacks happen?”


Hi! I’m Rohith!

I completed my Masters in Cybersecurity and wanted to teach people to protect their information from hackers. I consider myself a ‘Forever Learner’,  also eager to learn more about IT security and teach to everyone. My hunger for knowledge and determination towards IT security keeps increasing day by day.

I started to learn more about cybersecurity and attacks, after all the security breaches that are happening around the world. More than millions of users data are been stolen every year and most of our privacy is been compromised. This created me more curiosity about various type of attacks, and started researching about these attacks and solutions to protect our data.

I started this blog as a hobby, to write important security issues that are happening in this world. This helps me to learn and teach all my audience about the current data privacy issues that are going on and how to defend against these attacks. 


I teach people how to protect their data, how to update their privacy setting, solve system related problems, how to be anonymous on the internet and explain about cyber attacks. So everyone knows how to secure their data in this digital world.