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7 Most Prevalent Cyber Crime Types Today

Cybercriminals have come a long way since the early days of the Internet and so have their tools. Each generation of technological innovation comes with its set of threats as criminals keep upgrading their tools and techniques. Many individuals and businesses today fall prey to cyber-crime attempts, which lead to millions of dollars in losses. More alarming is the threat of stolen personal and business-critical information being used in the wrong ways. Read on to gain awareness about the most common types of cyber-crimes today.

The Most Common Cyber Crimes Affecting Individuals and Businesses 

Business email compromise

Business email compromise or BEC is a fast-growing type of cyber-crime in 2019. It is a crime where the criminals ask for gift cards when they are impersonating someone. Upon receiving gift cards from unsuspecting sources, they can convert the same into cash. This form of email-based crime is hard to detect.

Mobile crypto-jacking

Crypto-jacking is a crypto mining activity affecting a growing number of business organizations in the world today. It is achieved when a user downloads suspicious applications on their devices, or come across malicious scripts laid down by hackers on webpages. Crypto mining scripts function in the background with no knowledge of users.

Social engineering

Social engineering is a sophisticated model of phishing used by technically advanced cybercriminals. They use techniques to get past conventional spam filters and security measures. Phishing attacks from social engineers are often followed by ransomware attacks to harass business organizations. They also perform social engineering on individuals and not just businesses.

Form jacking

Form jacking, as the name suggests, is hacking forms with the help of code injected to get a credit card-related information. Sites that are not secure enough can fall prey to this form of cyber-crime, where users can be attacked through methods like a chat-box. Form jacking has been growing more prevalent since 2018.

Remote desktop protocol

The remote desktop protocol is a convenient way for hackers and criminals to get access to a user’s device. Many advanced methods are used to break into systems and execute malicious code. The motives are using the user’s systems for crypto mining, financial exploitation, and other crimes.

Mirai Botnet

Mirai Botnet is a type of cyber threat that affects Internet-connected devices with poor security. It gains control of devices with security flaws and use them to perform DDOS attacks against victims. Mirai is a threat that can prove fatal for IoT devices. It first appeared in 2016 and has diversified into several forms over the years.

Ransomware attacks

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous types of malware today and has been used to perform many major crimes. Criminals deploy ransomware to block the access of users to their systems through the use of encryption methods. Financial demands are then made from the device users to return access to their data and systems.

These dangerous cyber crimes can wreak havoc on businesses and individuals.

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