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How to Disable pop up blocker in Chrome | Firefox |IE & Safari

Where is pop up blocker in chrome, firefox, internet explorer and safari?Learn how to disable pop up in Chrome, Firefox, safari and internet explorer.

What is pop up blocker

A pop-up blocker is a program that disable pop-up appearing in a website. Advertisers use a pop-up to advertise their product or service. Users usually feel pop-ups annoying, because they reduce the reader’s experience in a website. Sometime, pop-up may also contain useful information such as registering for an e-book or to download a PDF.

Disable pop-up in chrome

  • In your web browser, click the customise button (three dots at upper right corner).
  • Click on setting option and go to the advanced option at the left side.
  • Then click privacy and security option.
  • Click the site setting option and scroll down to pop-up and redirect option.
  • Uncheck the blocked box to disable the pop-ups.
  • You can also allow or block site manually by entering the URL of the website.
Where is a pop up blocker in chrome and how to disable

Disable pop-up in Internet explorer (edge)

  • Open internet explorer and click the more option (three dots in the upper right corner)
  • Click on settings and go to privacy and security option at left
  • Scroll down the page and uncheck the block pop-up option in the security option.
Where is a pop up blocker in Internet explorer and how to disable

Disable pop-up in Firefox

  • Open Firefox and go customise option (three dots) in top right corner.
  • Click on options and select privacy and security option.
  • Scroll down to Permission option and uncheck block pop-up windows box.
  • You can also allow pop-up and restrict only for specific using the exception option.
Where is a pop up blocker in Firefox and how to disable

Disable pop-up in Safari

  • Open safari and go to safari option at top and click preferences.
  • At website tab, click pop up windows on left side.
  • At the bottom right corner, you can select the block and notify option.
  • If you don’t want notification option, you can select block option.
Where is a pop up blocker in browser and how to disable


Follow the steps above to disable the pop-up in chrome, edge, Firefox and safari. Pop-up can be sometimes annoying or it can be useful. You can also block the particular site that displays lots of pop-up and allowing rest websites.

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