How to ensure privacy in Windows 10


Privacy is the biggest challenge in today’s world! We don’t know who has our data? How these data are been collected? what kind of data is been collected? This post helps you to understand and improve your privacy setting in Windows 10.


Have you ever wondered what data is fetched by your PC?

This post makes you understand the data that are been collected by your PC and how to customize according to your requirement.

In Windows 10 your private data and software settings will be synced with Microsoft by default. The settings include an open browser, browsing history, software settings, Wi-Fi hotspot names etc. An advertising ID will be assigned to every system, these help third party companies to advertise their ads based on your online behaviour.

To have deep understanding about windows privacy agreement have a look at this link  and to read about the Microsoft’s service agreement have a look at this link

Simple ways to customise what you want to share with Microsoft

First go to Windows icon -> Settings -> Privacy

In the general tab,

  • Advertising ID is used for showing you ads based on your online activity.
  • This sends information on whatever language you are using.
  • Windows tracks the app activity, to provide better search result.

If you want to skip those, you can opt-out by turning it off.

Windows 10 update

Next tab is speech

CORTANA collects all the data that you speak, these data are been sent to Microsoft. Though, it helps to better the search suggestion by analysing your voice and what you prefer. If you are concerned about the privacy of what you speak, you can turn it OFF.

Speech recognization

Inking and typing

This fetches your keystrokes (whatever you type on the keyboard) and sends it to Microsoft. According to data analysis , it helps to improve auto-correct but as in privacy point of view, it stores everything you type.

Inking & typing


Activity History

You can opt-out if you don’t want your activity history to get stored on your system.

Activity History

App permission

In this section, you can view which all app have the permissions to access your location, microphone, voice activation, notifications, contacts, phone calls etc.

So, how could you choose between app to give permissions?

For instance, Location services is required for certain app (maps, food delivery apps etc), but app like camera, messenger etc do not need to access your location. 

Location service


 You can turn off the apps permission to avoid the collection of your data by unnecessary software. You can change the permission for the rest of the apps in the same way.

As the changes have been made, do re-check the privacy setting after any huge system update.


These data are collected by Microsoft for improving your performance like auto-correct, better voice recognition, better search result, showing relevant advertisement based on your search. Though it helps in some way, if your concern about your privacy such as sharing your personal information to Microsoft and third parties, you must make this change for the betterment of your privacy.

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