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What is information security|types of hackers and threat actors

In this article learn about different types of hackers and types of threat actors. Learn the difference between information security and information system security

Difference between Information security and Information system security

Information security

Information security is the act of protecting data or information from the unauthorised individuals to access, modify, corrupt or delete data.

Information system security

Information system security is to protect the system that holds sensitive data. This can be a system, server or your network device.

What does the term hackers means

The term hacker means highly skilled person who has good technical knowledge in computer. The aim of the hacker is either to protect or harm a computer.

What is information security|types of hackers and threat actors

Types of Hackers

There are six types of hackers. They are:

  • White-hat hacker:
    A person who is hired or contracted by a company to try hacking into their organisation with permission are white-hat hackers. They are ethical hackers or penetration testers.
  • Black-hat hackers:
    A person who has malicious intent by hacking the company and stealing information without permission is black-hat hackers.
  • Grey-hat hackers:
    They break into the system without permission and also by breaking the law but they don’t have malicious intent. They may sometime report the vulnerability to the company so they are grey-hat hackers.
  • Blue-hat hackers:
    They are freelance ethical hackers or freelance penetration tester. A website known as Hackerone which list all the organisation that wanted to find vulnerability. Freelancer can do penetration testing
    and if they find a vulnerability, they will be rewarded a bounty.
  • Elite hackers:
    They are the one who does the programming to create the tools used by white hat and black hat. It can be for bad or good intention. Only a minority of hackers are elite hackers.
  • Script-kiddie:
    They depend on the tools and they have limited skills.

What does threat actors means

A malicious person or group who are potential of conducting an attack.

Types of threat actor

There are four major threat actors. They are:

  • Script-kiddie:They depend on the tools and they have limited skills. They are known as baby hackers. Most people start out as script-kiddies and they upgrade their skills.
  • Hacktivist:They hack because of the political cause, social change or even terrorism. The most famous hacktivist is Anonymous.
  • Organised crime:A Group of hackers who are well funded and having great knowledge. They usually hack for money.
  • Advanced persistent threat: They are nation sponsored hackers who are highly trained and funded.

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